Recently, I received a beautiful email from a good friend of mine. Katelyn is the CEO of Mother Nurture and a coach specifically to moms. In her email, she asked her readers how their kids will remember them.

Her email spoke to me so much. As a mom, I know that the parenting phase goes by so quickly, especially when we’re building important memories with our children. And our thoughts and their thoughts play a big role in that.

In this episode, I’d like to share how we can intentionally create memories with our children. Thoughts that will stay with them and teach them. In relation to that, I would also like to share how important our thoughts are outside of parenting. How we can intentionally create thoughts at night that can empower how we react tomorrow. 

I decided that the memories and the things that I want Matteo to think about are important to me. And when I say important, these are the things that give value and can influence his growth as a person. The question is, how am I showing that to him?

Modeling is very important in parenthood. It’s actually one way to teach our children. It is important that we show our kids the right way spouses treat each other, how keeping the family and relatives closely knit is valuable, or how spending quality time with them like playing is the best gift or memory we can really share. 

These happy moments become memories that stay with them and it guides them to how they should be as adults or even as parents one day. For me, I feel so much gratitude for being able to spend moments like these with my son. It’s priceless and I believe children feel the same. And that will definitely be his thoughts before going to bed.

And so for me, I want my son to remember me as a mom who had time, energy, and willingness to play, because his love language, like all children is through play, they build relationships through play.

How Thought Work Works

One of my Becoming the CEO ladies shared her story on our call one day. She was struggling with thoughts that are not really helpful. It made her doubt herself and it affected her self-value. That’s when Thought Work comes in. Thought work is a process I use for changing thoughts. And as this lady gets familiar with the process, we come up with a new and empowering thought too.

Her new thought was, I’m doing my best and I am enough. And she repeated that mantra before going to bed, it inspired her the next morning. And as she wrote that down, she worked her way towards believing it. With coaching, desire, and action towards change, she is on her way to becoming the CEO of her life.

The transition between being awake and falling asleep is really fast. We transfer knowledge where the brain kind of previews your thoughts, your knowledge of the day and begins to pass it on to your unconscious mind. It’s the thoughts we have the night before that affects our entire day.

What You Need To Remember…

It’s important to remember that the thoughts you have during your life, during your waking moments, lead to results. When we want to manifest something, it is not just the thought but also the action that goes behind it. When you do thought work, when you recognize, when you become aware that your thoughts are not helpful. That’s when you have a choice. A choice to change the direction of your life.

Think Of Your Bedtime Routine

The thoughts we have at night are the information we’re passing to our unconscious mind just seconds before we sleep. I often tell my clients to write down thoughts that they want to believe, and have them handy for bed, and read them before they sleep. These intentional thoughts will help you choose how your morning or entire day will go. Think of your bedtime routine. Think of how you can begin to make it fun, light and easy with the people you love. 

Your thoughts are powerful. Choose your thoughts and be intentional on how you will react. From parenting to building that belief in yourself, what really matters are the thoughts you have at night and how you respond to it in your waking hours. 

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