This year I’m detoxifying from social media and from my phone. (Don’t worry, I will still have a presence there, but I’m really going to be devoting my time to real life talks, the podcast and my clients)

I’m craving connection and presence. To myself, to my life, to the things I do – without distractions– to meet the eyes of my son when he desperately wants my attention, and to notice spontaneous beautiful things that are happening right in front of me… but that the screen in front of my face doesn’t let me see…

ahhh that feels life real freedom to me. 

When you are used to taking inventory of your mind, your body, your relationships, and everything you feel, you become very good at having a pulse on what is draining you and what is giving you life. Making decisions becomes as easy as brushing your teeth. You just do it.

My decision to detox from social and my phone has come as a result of answering to those questions: What drains me? And, what gives me life?

I 100% believe that we all must detox.

Detox the body every spring.

Detox from habits that don’t serve us.

Detox from harsh products we might use on our hair, house, skin. etc…

And specially, I wholeheartedly believe, we must Detox our minds.

Our minds more than our bodies and our environment, collect a LOT of toxic ideas and thoughts that if they go unnoticed, can have detrimental consequences to our well-being. They can ruin our relationship with self, lower or end our confidence, and damage our other relationships.

Next week, I will be guiding you and teaching you five techniques that will help you detox the mind from the thoughts and mental habits that create those thoughts.

So you can start the year with a clean “home”- aka mind.

You deserve a mind that feels calm, confident and free. Free of fears. 

This bootcamp was made for you.

For only $27 you get: 

– A work along booklet 

– Five hours of live coaching with me 

-Five magical (research proven) strategies and, ME! You get me and my brain to ask me anything you want.

Can’t come to the calls? (They are at noon EST Monday to Friday Jan 16- 20th), no worries, we record them and email them to you the same day.

Sign up for Detox here!

See you inside!