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How do you react when you’re faced with discomfort? I tackle this question with clients multiple times a week. Some dodge discomfort, while others confront it head-on. So, what sets these two groups apart?

Those who sidestep discomfort accumulate emotional pain and dissatisfaction. On the flip side, confronting discomfort paves the way for liberation and true satisfaction. After offering countless coaching sessions, it’s become clear that fear is the common barrier to facing discomfort.

Let’s break down these fears:

  • Fear of Pain: It’s instinctive to avoid pain, but sometimes what you avoid persists. The avoidance can actually intensify the emotional or physical pain you’re feeling.


  • Fear of No Exit: The dread that once you face your problem, there’s no way out, can be paralyzing. This is often a mental construct rather than reality.


  • Fear of Asking for Help: Pride or embarrassment can make seeking help difficult. But remember, nobody accomplishes great things entirely on their own.


  • Fear of the Unknown: Uncertainty can be terrifying, but it’s also where growth happens. Sometimes you have to step into the unknown to discover new possibilities.

The Solution? Lean into the discomfort, shatter those fears, and experience the liberation on the other side. Facing your fears isn’t just an act of courage; it’s a strategic move towards a life that’s fully lived.

Now, the game-changer: facing your discomfort head-on not only diminishes these fears but often leads to a more enriching, fulfilled life. It transforms discomfort from an adversary into an ally, helping you realize your true potential.

So, the next time you find yourself at the crossroads of comfort and discomfort, consider taking the path less travelled. Your future self will thank you.

Catch you soon,


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