I’ve been away for a couple of weeks now, and in every conversation I’ve had so far, this subject has come up (in coaching but also in conversations with family).

What is self-care?

Self-care is not always what we think it is. Sure, bubble baths, wine with friends and a day at the spa are fun, relaxing ways to fill up our cups. But they are not efficient, long-term solutions to a nervous system that is in override. 

Self-care has to do two things for you: Give the brain a break and give the nervous system time to process and recalibrate. RESET.

I don’t want to discourage the baths, the wine and the spa. What I want to do is help you implement other really helpful strategies to target fatigue and to recalibrate fully.

Solitude: As a caregiver, coach, social butterfly…I know this one is hard to implement BUT it is so needed. Creating spaces where you are not a mom, a wife, a friend or anything other than company to yourself. Create space to be alone. This gives your mind and body a break. Short solitude moments are life-giving.

Breathwork: Nothing soothes the nervous system more than mindful breathing sessions. Your breath comes with you wherever you go and has the most powerful communication to your brain 🧠. If the breath is calm, so is the nervous system. Make time to connect to your breath.

Mindset work: Please do not disregard this one because it is coming from a mindset coach. The reason I am so passionate about mindset work is precisely the impact that it has had in my own life and, with my clients. Your thoughts are in charge of your nervous system. They either create a sense of safety or fear. When the nervous system is in fear mode, you can’t think properly, you are in survival mode and you have no energy to process and rest.

However, when your thoughts are empowering, confident and calm, your nervous system is flowing and happy. This leads to good health, good thoughts and a life that you won’t need a break from.

How to implement mindset work?
  • If you are new to mindset work, I highly suggest that you begin by creating awareness of the thoughts you are having. Who is living in your mind? Fear, love, empowerment?
  • Take actual note of your thoughts. Schedule a moment a day to write them down.
  • Create moments of pause. To feel the body, its physical sensations, the tensions, just notice them. No judgment needed, simply observe how your thoughts make your body feel.
  • Lastly, start looking for a thought mentor. Who can help you think differently? Stay consistent and committed to your new way of going about life? Having a mentor makes mindset work far more effective. It is like having a mirror that shows the blind spots.

Enjoy your weekend and start thinking about how to implement “real” self-care routines in your life.

PS: Did you know that 1 hour of stress, takes 8 hours to recover? Yup. We cannot afford it. So, get on with it.

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Love, Olga