protecting energy

You don’t need protection.

“Protect your energy” from energy vampires, from others hurting you, “avoid triggers”, “tell everyone what NOT to say to you”…when are we going to end this none-sense?

You are not weak.

This ideology behind needing protection also suggests that you are weak. But, you aren’t.

You are strong.

You only need protection when you view yourself as fragile, easily influenced, weak, unsure…

You may feel a little crazy trying to control what happens everywhere you go, what everyone does and says so that you never get to feel the discomfort of inadequacy, failure, imperfection, insecurity, etc…

Trying to protect your energy only leads you to more controlling behaviours. To try and control what you never will control, the future, people’s thoughts, spontaneous events.

As you “fail” to control all things outside of your control, your insecurities increase and you feel weaker.

Thinking that you need protection from others and their opinions only leads to taking things personally, and not in a good way. 

Friend, it is time to change that narrative in your mind.

It is time to stop thinking that what you ought to control is the outside in order to feel confident inside.

Confidence is within you and it starts by acknowledging that you need no protection because you are a god damn strong woman. 

You do not need to protect yourself, you need to believe in yourself and in your capacity to feel all emotions.

The more you think and behave like the woman who needs to be protected, the less you guide your mind to give you thoughts of empowerment and confidence.  The less thoughts you have about being strong and confident, the more you will continue to see yourself as fragile and easily continue to take things personally.

This is why the last week of “Stop ignoring it” masterclass series I will teach you all about stop taking things personally. The tools and the what not to dos. All of it.

As a reminder…

“The Stop Ignoring it” Masterclass Series is a 4-week course taught live by me, over zoom for one hour every week, from October 13th to November 3rd at Noon EST.

The goal of the series is to give you a variety of tools to stop overthinking, overdoing, over-reacting and all things that exhaust your mind and your energy. BEFORE things get out of hand.

This masterclass series are designed to problem solve the parts of your thinking that if left un-touched will one day lead you to want to “quit” all the things that you currently love doing, giving, working on, etc…

It is about catching “the quit” before it happens.

Week by Week:
  • October 13th- Week one: Learning to slow down without making it boring.
  • October 20th- Week two: How to handle behaviours like blaming complaining, worry, guilt.
  • October 27th- Week three: Impostor syndrome FINALE. The steps to being authentic and growing your belief in who you are.
  • November 3rd- Week four: How to stop taking things personally.
BONUS: This class will also give you access to my Mindfulness for every day course and you will receive a weekly email with a meditation recorded by me, to guide you every week to do some mind-body work.

This is a masterclass series, you sign up for all of them. You show up to the classroom ready to learn and use the rest of the week to implement. All classes will be recorded and you will have access to them during the month of the course.

At the end of every class there will be a period to ask questions. This isn’t a coaching program, it is a teaching moment for you.
Investment: $97 CAN  whaaaaat????

See you in there,