Are you enough?

Did you do enough?

Do you have enough?

Feeling, having and specially doing enough is important to you. That’s why you often overthink about these questions.

“Enough” seems to be an elusive feeling that when you think you got it, POOF it disappears.

No matter how much you do, you give, you buy, at the end of the day when your head is about to hit the pillow, you wonder if everyone was happy, if what you did, gave, and have, was actually enough?

You find yourself over-doing, over-giving, over-buying, over-having all because next time you hit that pillow, you want to feel that feeling…the one you almost never feel…I AM ENOUGH.

But, here is the problem….

Enough is not created with actions, possessions or, help.


Enough is a practice of boundaries, with yourself!

Not feeling enough is just a symptom of the real problem.

—-You have not set up a limit, a clear limit with yourself that marks what enough is.—-

Why haven’t you done that? For the same reason you are constantly wanting more.

Deep inside you carry a limiting belief about yourself that tells you that who you are, who you were born to be, this precious light of life with unique gifts, corks and passions is not enough.

Face it, you over buy, over give, over do in the hopes to make it to your own self-standard of enough. The problem is that you have not yet set what that standard (limit) is. So you keep trying to fill a black hole that never seems to fill up.

Enough begins in your mind.  By creating a limit and by growing your belief that you are enough.

Start by not giving into the actions, that lead you to continue to operate like you aren’t enough. Begin acting as tho everything you do, you give, you are, is enough. Because it is.