when sh*t hits the fan

I want to share with you three of the steps I teach inside Reset your Mindset that can be incredibly helpful to anyone in any situation, but particularly helpful to use when things go wrong.  Enjoy them!

Feel the damn feeling

When 💩 hits the fan, there will be emotions inside your body. Tension, discomfort, whatever “heavy” is for you. Our obvious tendency is to avoid the feeling because it sucks. However, delaying, ignoring or, avoiding our feelings only make them stay longer. It takes 2 minutes to feel a feeling. That is it. When you give yourself those two minutes, you process and open new space. So, take the two minutes and free yourself from the heavy emotion.

Take a moment

What’s the rush? 💩 happened, you feel like 💩 and there is no scape from it. It happened, it’s in the past now. However, it may still be lingering in your nervous system. So, do yourself a favour and take a pause. Sleep on it, journal about it, go for a walk, do whatever it takes to create space between what happened and your response. Reaction often leads to regret. Take time to pause. You can do it.

If I didn’t scare you off with those two steps, then welcome to the fun part! This is where you feel empowered, clear and in control-

Think again

Think again refers to the steps where we use tools that help us look at the situation from a different perspective. Where we recognize and own that happened within us, how we contributed or not to the situation and most importantly, where we get to decide how we want to feel about it. What we are going to do about it. TA DAAAA those steps may appear simple. In practice, they challenge you BUT in the best of ways.

These steps are some of the things we learn about and practice during the 12 weeks together of Reset your Mindset. If those three steps were automatic in your day to day, what would be different for you? 

Know that if you ever have questions—I’m only an email away.



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