As mothers, we have the tendency to give all that we are to our kids and our husbands. In the process, if not less there’s none left for us. That is how selfless we are. 

But..this shouldn’t be the case. 

We often think that taking care of ourselves is a selfish thing, it’s not. This is the mentality we should correct, the excuse we leave behind.

Taking Care Of Yourself Is NOT Selfish

My mom has a saying that goes, ‘Since excuses were invented, everybody uses them’. And it’s true. We all have an excuse, and we use them often. And sometimes we’re using an excuse as a legitimate reason to not do what’s good for us. 

As moms, there are instances when we want to buy something for ourselves, but become guilty over it, thinking ‘How about my kids?’. As a result, we buy something for them and nothing for us.

Recently, I wanted to hire a personal trainer. I was eager and ready to do what needs to be done to reach my fitness goal, but when I learned that it would cost me $3,000 I resolved to say, ‘I’ll consult with my husband first”. It was actually an excuse. Because it cost a lot, I thought that with that money, there are more important things to use it for. In truth, spending a lot on yourself should be okay, especially if this means personal growth.

What Can You Do About It?

Leaving excuses behind leads to massive leaps of growth. And with it, there’s happiness and strength, you feel above yourself. But…How do you do this?

1. Go Out Of Your Comfort Zone

We tend to limit ourselves and stay in our comfort zone most of the time. However, staying in that zone doesn’t bring growth. The moment you step out of your comfort zone, is the moment you allow yourself to grow.

2. Find Time

Our responsibilities take the most of our time. As mothers, we have a lot on our plate every single day. However, we have a choice, we can find the time if we really wanted to. It’s exactly that saying, ‘If there’s a will, there’s a way’. 

No More Excuses

When we feel guilty over wanting to spend something for ourselves, we must replace guilt with being grateful. Be grateful because spending for yourself, for your personal growth leads to becoming a better mom, wife, and person. Practicing self care is very important, especially in your mental health. If you’re happy, that energy is reflected in your actions. 

Let me ask you, what are your excuses? Write it down, be aware of your excuses and create an action plan. When you leave excuses behind, you will achieve pure freedom and a life of bliss. 

Reset Your Mindset

Reset your mindset is a program where people can join for three months, watch videos, and join calls whenever they feel like doing a Q and A with me through Zoom. This season, I am going to make changes to the program, for the purpose of improving how the service is delivered, and hopefully helping people achieve better success. 

In this program, I will be coaching you and be your accountability partner. The goal is to have you select one goal that you want to be a master of at the end of the 12 weeks. And my job is to set you up to a mindset of achieving your goal. 

The subjects that we will be covering are limiting beliefs, the perfectionist mindset, learning to set clear and strong boundaries and more. 

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