Do you ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed?

You know, the morning in which your husband’s usual bad jokes just enter the wrong way, and when the usual little mess everyone makes around the house feels like a MAJOR, dramatic moment?

Yeah, those days when you wake up late, run for the coffee that you later spill by accident all over the newly cleaned floors and, are too late to refill, so you end up leaving without any coffee in your blood (real tragedy if I must say).

That “little” morning incident follows you the rest of the day and it almost feels as though someone was tapping your shoulder for a question ALL DAY LONG. You lose it with the wrong person and you whisper to yourself “I’m having A DAY”.

You following me?

Those are the days when I like to say loud and proud: RESET.

I visualize this massive red button that I get to press with my two hands.

Reset = Back to Zero.

Zero = Neutral zone, the moment before it all went to sh*t.

I help my clients reset their mindset from sh*tty days but specially, from unhelpful, not-serving mental patterns. Such as: anxiety, overthinking, validation seeking, imposter syndrome, fear avoidance, self-neglect and so much more.

Reset your Mindset

As a former therapist and life coach, I pay close attention to common themes that show up with the majority of my clients. I identify their problem and I guide, teach solutions to it.

After years of giving the same guidance, teaching the same tools, I decided to collect them all and put them in one place that was accessible to all.

This is when I recorded all the content of what is now inside Reset your Mindset.


What are the subjects inside Reset:

  • Understanding thinking errors
  • Learning tools to change negative thoughts
  • How to set healthy boundaries
  • Putting an end to disappointment
  • Addressing anxiety from a holistic approach
  • Going from fixed mindset and limiting beliefs to growth
  • Starting a mindfulness practice
  • Embracing the imperfect 
  • And so much more! there are over 30 videos in the library!!!


Additionally, each participant of Reset gets to be in a weekly coaching call with me. This really is where the magic happens.

Asking questions, hearing others ask, learning that you and your thoughts are totally normal…that’s priceless.

Not to mention what happens to your overthinking mind when you realize that there is an entire community supporting you even if you make mistakes…

Learning to Reset is FUNDAMENTAL to have a fresh, positive outlook in life.

Reset starts May 12. We meet every Friday at 10:00 a.m

All calls are recorded.

I would love to coach you,


Reset your Mindset

12 weeks. 12 Calls. Unlimited growth.

$2,000 CAD

Payment plans are available.

I’m covered by most insurance providers.

Learn More About Reset Here!