Why am I here? AGAIN?

Do you ever find yourself in disappointment because yet again, there you are living the exact same scenario you lived before and you were convinced it was done and over with?

For example, you’ve worked for years on managing your anxiety and much progress is made, suddenly something happens and BUM you find yourself anxious again like there had been no previous progress made?  You can’t help but feel disappointed.

I see this happening to my clients.

They work on something- They make progress-  but tell themselves this will never be an issue again- and since that very thought isn’t possible or real, they feel disappointed when they inevitable face the same problem.

They blame it on the “system” the thing they used to feel better. They would say the “diet” didn’t work, the “therapist” wasn’t good, the “vitamins” did nothing and go back to disappointment.

I call this phenomenon the “peeling of the onion cry”. Yup, we are like the onion, we have so many layers to peel and each time we experience “the same thing”, we gone one layer deeper into our core. However, like any healthy, strong onion, that peeling never goes without a strong aroma that makes us cry.

What do we do? We know the crying is temporary, and we keep peeling.

If you happen to be in the phase of disappointment and want to learn from me, what can you do to make that a more pleasant “cry”, join me on May 30th in the workshop: “The disappointment of unmet expectations” and let’s dive deeper into your core, by learning to be intentional.

Details: May 30th at noon EST

Investment: $27.75

Replay: Yes, it will be recorded.

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