Without a doubt, women are one of the most selfless people on earth. We have the capacity of putting others first and ourselves last. It’s an admirable trait we have, but it can also become our weakness.

Sometimes, when we look after others, we tend to neglect our needs. As a result, we fail to grow and we fail to achieve our goals.

In this episode, I’d like to share with you why you need to invest in yourself. Each one of us has the potential to be more, and investing in ourselves is one way to bring out the best of who we are.

What Burnout Cost Me

Years ago, I suffered from a burnout. A burnout that resulted from neglecting my needs for a long time. In my early 20’s, I worked as a child protection’s worker and I was so dedicated to my mission. And as I was getting assigned more cases, I was also working longer hours. Though I loved what I was doing, it was also taking a toll on my well-being. There were times I wouldn’t even have the time to eat, and that cycle went on for three years.

That event brought me to a scary place. I was overwhelmed, tired, anxious, and it felt like I wasn’t in control. I didn’t even think of asking for help at that time. But I’m grateful it happened earlier, it taught me a lesson and I was able to move forward from it. 

I realized that I was irreplaceable. If I neglect myself, it’s also me who would suffer. I decided that the responsibility was mine, and it all starts with investing in myself.

A Change Of Attitude

Once I acknowledged I was burnout, I knew I had to do something, I needed to have a change of attitude. I immediately sought help, and I started to invest in myself. It was expensive but it was worth it. 

That was my first realization, my lack of thinking that I deserve time, energy and support or investment was worthless. Being selfless is good in a lot of ways, but there’s also a limit to how selfless we should become. We should not ignore our needs, we should not put ourselves last on the list, but we should love ourselves more too. And that begins when we learn to change our attitude and start investing in ourselves.

The more we invest in ourselves, the more we get, the more we grow, the more dedicated we are to that investment.

Don’t Be Afraid To Invest Big On Yourself

 Oftentimes, it’s easier for us to invest when the price of investment is cheaper. But when we’re faced with a bigger investment, we second guess ourselves if we really need it. We’re confronted with the possibility of just wasting money or maybe we’re not good enough to spend that big anyway.

We should let go of those limiting ideas. Don’t be afraid to invest big on yourself, because that big investment will give you growth, wisdom, and confidence in yourself. When you invest in yourself, don’t be afraid to invest big, instead put your heart and mind into it.

Find Someone Who Can Coach You Through Your Blind Spots

Many of us are blinded by so many excuses and fears, and it hinders us from reaching our potential. And that’s exactly what coaches are for.

Coaches see your blind spots, you may be unaware of some things about yourself, and coaches can point that out for you. They are there to guide you, to be your accountability partners, and to make sure you get to hit your goals. 

When you find out what your blind spots are, and you acknowledge them, that’s when real growth follows.

Every Single One Of Us Is A Light In The Dark

Each and everyone of us has the potential to be a leader. It is just a matter of believing in yourself and letting go of your limiting beliefs. You are enough. You have the capacity to be a light in the dark.

I know, because I’ve been there. I invested in myself, I sought the help of coaches. Now, I am a coach myself, and it’s my life’s mission to help you be the leader you’re supposed to be.

I’ve created the program ‘Become The CEO Of Your Own LIfe’. This program will not only be able to bring out the leader in you, but it will also illuminate the natural gifts you were born with. Gifts that can give you power, gifts that can bring out the best in you.

And that is why you need to invest in yourself. You can be the CEO of your own life, you just have to own it.