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You need to move past self-doubt, stop self-sabotage, say goodbye to your insecurities, and forget about “shoulds” and “what-ifs”. Let’s work on your confidence and mindset. 

Imagine a life where you feel confident, valuable, purposeful, and like you’re enough. You’re already her. Let me show where she’s been all along and start living your life to your absolute full potential!

Are you ready to ditch anxiety and step into the best version of yourself?

I am committed to helping women just like you rewire their thinking, find their purpose, and live a fulfilled and happy life.


Women are more afraid of success than they are of failure. 

Let that sink in.

In a world where we have glorified perfectionism and have normalized being our worst enemy, it is easy to end up with low self-confidence.

We prioritize everything and everyone except for ourselves.

We are allergic to compliments and moments of rest.

It’s time to think differently. It’s time to build your confidence and your tolerance for happiness, your happiness.


 So what does working with me look like?


 I coach women to overcome the self-sabotage mindset that keeps them from reaching their happiest most confident potential.  I am a confidence coach for the over-achiever.

I truly believe that one can have it all. In fact, I confidently coach women to having it all. 

But most women believe that having it all doesn’t come without sacrifices. So they are in a constant internal battle of choices.

I either choose to be rich or have a happy marriage. Be self-employed or, be a great mother. We live life in segments and limitations, all because our minds haven’t yet comprehended that we can decide to be all and have it all.

Our thinking is full of flaws. We run into thinking errors, we believe them to be true, and before we know, we are imposing limitations on our potential, our success.

Confidence coaching within Olga’s Way will transform the way you think, the way you view yourself and it will open the doors to your most confident, loving, strong version of you.



About me…

I’m happily married and I’m blissfully and IVF mother (to my sweet boy, Mateo Ari). I’m a former therapist, a mindset, leadership and confidence coach for women.

My biggest pleasure in life is to help women achieve the impossible, from a place of self-love and confidence. 

I am a big COFFEE lover.



Confidence Coach for women

 My clients describe as having a loving, non-judgemental but assertive approach. I have spent much of my time studying confidence and therapeutic techniques that lead to inner transformation.

When my clients are coaching themselves on subjects we cover in sessions, they often refer to this act as; “Olganizing things”. That’s right, they’ve made a verb out of my name.

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