You need to move past self-doubt, stop self-sabotage, say goodbye to your insecurities, and forget about “shoulds” and “what-ifs”.

Imagine a life where you feel confident, valuable, purposeful, and like you’re enough. You’re already her. Let me show where she’s been all along and start living your life to your absolute full potential!

Are you ready to ditch anxiety and step into the best version of yourself?

I am committed to helping women just like you rewire their thinking, find their purpose, and live a fulfilled and happy life.


Women are more afraid of success than they are of failure. 

Let that sink in.

In a world where we have glorified perfectionism and have normalized being our worst enemy, it is easy to end up with low self-confidence.

We prioritize everything and everyone except for ourselves.

We are allergic to compliments and moments of rest.

It’s time to think differently. It’s time to build your confidence and your tolerance for happiness, your happiness.


 So what does working with me look like? 




I coach women to overcome the self-sabotage mindset that keeps them from reaching their happiest most confident potential.  I am a confidence coach for the over-achiever.

 I truly believe that one can have it all. In fact, I confidently coach women to having it all. 

 But most women believe that having it all doesn’t come without sacrifices. So they are in a constant internal battle of choices.

I either choose to be rich or have a happy marriage. Be self-employed or, be a great mother. We live life in segments and limitations, all because our minds haven’t yet comprehended that we can decide to be all and have it all.

Our thinking is full of flaws. We run into thinking errors, we believe them to be true, and before we know, we are imposing limitations on our potential, our success.

Confidence coaching within Olga’s Way will transform the way you think, the way you view yourself and it will open the doors to your most confident, loving, strong version of you.



how to select a program for you? 

For CEO of Your Life

✔Step 1. Schedule a discovery call. You can do that right here:

Let’s connect 

✔Step 2. At the scheduled call, we’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit.

✔Step 3. Then we’ll get started! If you decide to work with me, I’ll tell you the next steps to book our time together. If you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need!

For Reset Your Mindset

✔Step 1. Click the “Sign Up” button below to register and submit your payment.


✔Step 2. After you submit your payment, you’ll receive access to the MemberVault platform and the Reset Your Mindset Program.

✔Step 3. Join the private Facebook group.

✔Step 4.Set your self up for success, schedule your coaching calls and create time blocks to watch the program’s videos.

✔Step 5. Show up to your first session call.



This is what working together in each of the programs will look like.

To learn more about me as a coach click here.

Reset Your Mindset

Mindset is behind every feeling and every behaviour. 

Upcoming session: September 27th, 2022.

When you do not reset the mindset, you end up with many feelings and behaviours that do not serve you.

This is a 12-week mindset makeover. 

Group work, weekly calls, weekly lessons.

Become the CEO of Your Life

This is a group coaching program for women ready to become the CEO of their own life. 

Upcoming session: January, 2023.

Confidence, mindset and leadership coaching in one package.

6 months commitment, 2 calls a month, a sisterhood of CEOs.

Detox the mind

A 5-Day, live, online workshop to walk into an unapologetically confident version of you.

Upcoming session: September 12th to 16th, 2022.

Become aware of the beliefs you have about your goals that are working against you, consciously choose new beliefs, and learn how to coach yourself out of your own mental drama and move forward in the direction of your dreams.

do you have any questions about working together or how to find the best fit for you?


“…within minutes of her guiding a meditation for me, I felt my body and mind relaxing. Two sessions later, I was already feeling incredibly better.”

– Nancy


“In one session with Olga I resolved a blockage I had for 10 years and no therapy ever did that for me”

– Martine


“Working with Olga has changed my life. She has guided me through difficult moments when I thought change was impossible. Through her coaching she has helped me set attainable goals, find strategies and practices to believe in myself again. She is extremely committed to our time together and makes a positive difference in my life. If you are looking at hiring a life/mindset coach, I 100% recommend hiring Olga.”



“Olga helped me deal with some mental and emotional issues I had after leaving my marriage. It took some time, but our regular meetings made me be the better person I am today. Olga introduced me to mindfulness and meditation. Working with Olga I learned to let go of the past, I faced my fears and I have learned to value myself and to recognize that I am worthy. Working with Olga helped me reclaim my own personal power.”



“I want to say Olga has changed my life but I feel that would be the opposite of what she has been coaching me over the past year and a half. Instead, Olga has helped ME change MY LIFE, for the better. She has made me understand how much power I have to make changes, to grow, to fail but then to try again and again. I wouldn’t say my life’s journey has been smooth, but it has been a journey and my journey alone. Olga has taught me the importance of self-love and what my priorities in life are. I feel confident in saying that Olgas is such an important person in my life and this journey would not have been possible without her help.”


Not ready to commit to coaching just yet, but feeling ready to get inspiration and helpful tools to begin a happier journey? 

Join hundreds of other students who are taking action at their own pace within the Olga’s Way Academy. All courses are pre-recorded videos that allow students to watch and learn in their own time. 

No application is required, you can purchase immediately and learn at your own pace. Click here to register for your course of choice.

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